Professional Teeth Whitening at Embrun Smiles

Teeth Whitening

Teeth stains are all but inevitable. Lifestyle factors such as smoking and consuming highly coloured foods and drinks can all change the colour of your teeth. Things like coffee, red wine, and soy sauce can be particularly bad for your teeth. Teeth also naturally darken with age, which is one of the reasons why we associate a whiter smile with health and youthfulness.

Fortunately, you can take simple steps to prevent stains, and you can erase them, with professional teeth whitening at Embrun Smiles.

Surface Whiteners

Store-bought teeth whitening kits use special abrasives to improve the product’s ability to remove surface stains. These treatments work but not as well as professional solutions. As with most things, what you buy in the store is simply not as strong as what you can get from a medical professional. Additionally, store bought whitening trays are designed to fit everyone’s teeth, not your teeth specifically. This means that they can become loose, and the solution can leak, leading to gum irritation.

How Can Professional Teeth Whitening Help?

Luckily, it is possible to brighten your smile using a variety of techniques. By using professional strength teeth whitening products, you will see real results almost immediately. The whitening gel used during your treatment will lift deep stains in your tooth enamel without damaging your teeth.

In addition, at Embrun Smiles we can use a laser to whiten your teeth in the office. This will save you time and the compliance of wearing the bleaching trays at home. Dr. Binder has invested in a top of the line laser product to provide his patients with the latest technology in tooth whitening.

Can Yellow Teeth be Whitened?

Absolutely. Tooth discolouration can be treated with professional cleanings, bleaching products, and cosmetic services such as veneers and dental bonding. The method of tooth whitening that will work best for your needs can be determined during your Embrun Smiles consultation.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

We care about your dental health; we will carefully check your teeth and gums prior to whitening to ensure this treatment is the best option for you. During your check-up, we can also assess the kind of results you can safely achieve with teeth whitening.

Does Tooth Whitening Cause Permanent Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity and irritation to soft tissues can occur during bleaching treatment, but these effects are transient. If there is any sensitivity caused by the whitening, it goes away within one to two days after the treatment.

How Long Will Teeth Whitening Last?

This all depends on the reasons why your teeth became discoloured, and on your lifestyle choices but the results may last for up to two years. Avoiding highly coloured foods and having a good oral hygiene routine will help your teeth remain whiter for longer.

Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Dental treatments like dental bonding and veneers are not only used to fix cavities or broken teeth but can also be used to improve your smile. Bonding and veneers make your teeth look better by changing their colour, shape, angle or spacing. At Embrun Smiles, we can fix teeth that are broken, chipped or cracked, that have spaces between them or that are discoloured.

Contact us for a consultation and we will recommend the best options for you.

Straighter Teeth

If you want your smile to be its best, we can provide you with clear retainers to correct misaligned teeth. With the use of Invisalign® or clear retainers we can straighten your teeth over a period of months. Typically, the retainers are changed every two weeks as the teeth slowly change position. After getting the teeth in the correct position, fixed retainers would be recommended to keep you happy with your perfect smile.


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